Tossing things off the balcony

Yesterday the three of us had a day in 612 doing renovation work. I spent the day sandblasting furniture which was how I imagined being in sandstorm would be like. And the sand got in everywhere!!

Today Phil and I had a day together working while Ross was away doing normal work stuff. We took all the old wood off of the walls, pulled up the rest of the carpet and did some sanding. The rest of the time was spent clearing out old stuff. We tossed all the planks off the side of the balcony and decided to strap it together and collect it down at the bottom. Might have been overly optimistic when estimating how much wood there was to carry. We did manage in just one go though, but safe to say, it looked like a lot less spread out than when it was tied together and became the size of a tree trunk! Some of our rubbish by the bins got picked up by a local French person as well. Stuff by the poubelles mean free for all here, and it meant less stuff to load in the trailer for us! Feel like we've made good progress the past couple of days though!


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