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It's been quite an intense week with training and building work and then finally moving house this weekend. The new flat is livable now but we need a bit of time just to sort small things out and to get all of our things organized. Hopefully by this weekend we'll be better off.
My birthday was thus spent laying a floor so some celebrations this coming weekend might happen instead. Some pics from training below.

More and more building work

Some intense building work lately, long hours and lots of work being done! Lately we've put up the wood cladding and done a lot of tiling. I've even done a day of tiling on my own today with some quite complicated cuts! Learning new things every day! And in addition to that winter has arrived. First proper snow this weekend =)


Late update after another visit to Sweden last week. And I've spent the last two days grouting and wall cladding. At least the visual result is satisfying, still quite a bit to do though.