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Lots and lots of snow

The past week has been quite busy with lots of stuff to do at work and Christmas celebrations in the evenings, drinks at a friend's house, Swedish Christmas dinner, English Christmas dinner at the Couloir, having friends over for Boxing day and now to top it off the weekend was a bit crazy due to massive snowfalls and strong winds. We were stuck in Val d'Isère yesterday after working in the morning. Both the road and the lift link was shut,  but after about 7hours of waiting we were finally allowed to leave. Sadly there were lots of traffic accidents, so just hoping that people are now using the appropriate equipment.

Some more photos

Yesterday I worked on the world cup again and we had quite a bit to do, at least in the afternoon, taking down all the netting around the course. But at least it was warm, unlike in the morning where we waited for 3 hours at the top of the Bellevarde, getting quite cold in the process. But at least the views were stunning!

A day at the races

My first week working for Oxygene has gone really well. Had some really nice lessons and everyone in the team are really friendly, looks like it's going to be a good season with lots of work. Some busy weeks coming up!

This weekend I'm working at the Women's World Cup in Val as a part of the deal with getting a free lift pass as an instructor. So early morning start today, we went up with the Olympique bubble at 7am and then started clearing snow off of the course. Then we had to slip it in between the racers - I don't think I've ever snow ploughed that quickly before! And then I got to help with setting up the podium and we ended the day with more snow clearing in preparation for tomorrow's Super G.
Exciting and fun but also tiring day. Hoping for the same sunny weather tomorrow!

Finishing training and starting work

So, this week was my last with Podium training for the eurotest and it's been a cold one! Temperatures with wind chill reaching at least -25C. Lots of layers and feeling a bit like a Michelin man at times. And the training week was a bit bizarre just because we haven't had any real snow so the only skiable part in Tignes, the glacier, has been shared with around 3000 students which meant pulling the course at 11.30 in the morning. Not great when you want to get the most out of training! But I think we'd have been more annoyed if the test in Alpe d'Huez wasn't cancelled. We made the most of it anyway. Training was finished off with us all having Aspen burgers, a Podium Friday tradition of sorts, before wishing everyone a great season!

This week we also went to the welcome drinks party for my new ski school this year, Oxygene, in Val d'Isère. It was great to meet all of the instructors and I'm really excited for the season. There are some fast skiers and race…

Published article and post nr 1000

So, I'm a bit behind on my blogging but lots of stuff has happened lately! One of which is that Source magazine has come out in Tignes. I couldn't go to the release party which was a bit of a shame considering I've had my first ever article published!
If you want to have a read go to this link and look at p.48-49. Below are some screen shots of what it looks like! I might just have to try to get my hands on an actual copy too though!

And it's probably worth a mention, this is post nr 1000 on my blog!

Settling in

We're after half a day of organizing starting to settle in a bit in the flat, just getting the tools out and furniture in has made a massive difference, and I'm happy that my advent decorations are now up! Some smaller things to do still and a lot of our stuff is still not in, but ay least it doesn't feel like we're squatting anymore. I even tried out my new yoghurt maker today!
In other news my back is finally getting better after having had an osteo session this week so hopefully skiing should be good next week, when if we have to share the glacier with all the students and the Spanish that have now arrived! Training is slightly less intense though as the eurotest for December has been cancelled and the first session is now in January some time. It also means I'm free to work a bit sooner so next weekend it's all kicking off! Very excited!