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Training, more snow and a wedding website

This week has been filled with work, more training, a snow storm, and the creation of a wedding website. Busy but good, training suffering a bit from all the snow we just got but keeping my fingers crossed for my eurotest next week! It hasn't stopped snowing since Wednesday night but high winds and a lack of a good base has made the avalanche risk go up so hoping everyone stays safe. We went to La plagne yesterday for some race training but ended up switching to fatter skis to deal with all the snow! And, I almost forgot, we went bowling with the ski school, I actually did quite well and got a score of a 100!Wedding website is now also online at
For those of you that have received invites you can rsvp using the password provided.

Save the date

A wedding date has been decided upon! 29th of August 2015, venue and church are booked.
Invites to be sent out soon as soon as I've finished them and the wedding website will go live once it's all sorted. The website template is making it a lot easier than I had imagined... Update to follow shortly!

Race training

This week Oxygene has set us up with GS training for the Eurotest which is really nice. Good to be back on GS skis again and to get back into gates! Very much needed after 5 weeks of just instructing and to get us ready for the Alpe d'Huez eurotest which is coming up the week after next. Weather has been so so, but snow has been soft and nice so can't complain.

Flash visit

So it was quickly decided that we needed to make a visit to Sweden to see some of the possible wedding party venues. Basically the idea was that if we could see the places and get more info then we can make a decision fairly soon and actually set a date. So we left Val d'Isère at about noon, after finishing group lessons in the morning and drove to Lyon to catch our flight out. Torrential rain on the way there but we had left plenty of time so it was alright. Then on Saturday morning we visited a restaurant, an elk farm, a spa place and an old farm with a bakery. Unfortunately we didn't actually get inside to see all of them, only 2 out of the 4, but at least we could scout the locations out and get a better idea of what we want. So, now it's thinking time to put together a list of what we actually want and see what they come back with! Exciting!

So Saturday was a busy day to start with and then we went to see my sister and her family as it was her birthday the very same d…

January pace

We've now finally come into the part of January where the pace is slowing down a little bit. Less to do at work and some more time to recover! I've had a cold since last week and getting to actually sleep in this weekend has been great. Saturday, yesterday, was my first full day off since the 12th of December so it's been a while! I've gotten to ski with really nice people throughout the whole month though so can't complain.
Finding new things to do isn't hard though and we started off the weekend with some climbing on Friday night. Then made a quick decision to go to Sweden over next weekend to scout wedding party venues and consequently spent a long time searching for flights! We'll have just the one full day in Falköping next week but hopefully we can see the three places we're considering and make a decision, exciting!

Torchlit descent

After a very busy and cold week we also did the torchlit descent down the face last night, an experience to say the least!! Bumps, ice and rocks mixed with bad visibility and smoke makes for an interesting ski down.
My toes stayed toasty and warm all day though thanks to the guys from surefoot who gave me these as a new year present! Big thank you!