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Bagel baking

Half term madness is starting to come to an end. I finished off the week with a massive cold and am just now starting to feel slightly better. Didn't want to push it and go skiing so stayed in and did some baking instead, first I made cranberry cookies and then cinnamom bagels. All of it a success!! Now I'm waiting for Ross to make it back from the airport. He's been back in the UK for Atif and Rachael's wedding and because of a landslide near Val Thorens including a 100 ton rock the traffic is moving very slow!

Recipe book project

So the past couple of weeks I've been getting on a bit further with my recipe book project. It'll still take a while to finish as I've got quite a few dishes left to cook (mainly for photography purposes, as they're all tried and tested), and some more recipes to scan/hand write on the wacom board  but it's getting along.
Photographing in daylight has been essential for good photos as the led light from our spots or the flash on the camera makes food look much less appetizing! So timing has been a struggle when I've been getting home late. However, I decided the other week that I should pick one recipe from the list and get ingredients whenever I do a big shop so that it can be made within the next week or two. Having the ingredients at home makes it much easier to actually get it going on the day inspiration strikes! Since we had pancake day/mardi gras/ fettisdagen this Tuesday, making Semlor seemed appropriate, of course with my own twist as I don't like …

Half term

So we're now in February and this past week need to say the least. Work 9-17 everyday without breaks meant quick snacks on chairlifts and in the 2 minutes in between lessons! But it went well and no major mishaps only slight delays, mainly due to queues. So all in all a success. I had a polar bear group in the morning, a 1st ski group in the afternoon and private lessons in between. So it was a good mix of stuff. For those of us doing the kids groups that also meant crazy hat wednesdays! I managed to get Ross hat from Turkey to stick to the top of my head (on top of the helmet) for most of the day.

To finish off the week Ross had decided that we would share his birthday as mine got a bit lost in the moving and building mess that was end of November so he surprised me with a massage from Marjo on Friday evening before the birthday meal with friends last night and then this morning we both got presents to open which was really nice! And the sleep in in itself felt like a present aft…

First ski date this season

Today Ross and I finally got to ski for a bit together. Very happy to have some time on the hill together and it was a lovely day for it too. No pics unfortunately as we were too busy skiing! Just what I needed before half term kicks off next week.