Recipe book project

So the past couple of weeks I've been getting on a bit further with my recipe book project. It'll still take a while to finish as I've got quite a few dishes left to cook (mainly for photography purposes, as they're all tried and tested), and some more recipes to scan/hand write on the wacom board  but it's getting along.
Photographing in daylight has been essential for good photos as the led light from our spots or the flash on the camera makes food look much less appetizing! So timing has been a struggle when I've been getting home late. However, I decided the other week that I should pick one recipe from the list and get ingredients whenever I do a big shop so that it can be made within the next week or two. Having the ingredients at home makes it much easier to actually get it going on the day inspiration strikes! Since we had pancake day/mardi gras/ fettisdagen this Tuesday, making Semlor seemed appropriate, of course with my own twist as I don't like marzipan but instead chose jam mixed with fresh raspberries. Yum! And I've also done a taco pie, and cod with egg sauce according to my dad's recipe during the past two weeks.
I won't put all the finished pages up here but to give you an idea of what the finished book will look like, here's one page I finished today! Page numbers will be added in the end once it's all done and dusted.


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