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Wedding dress

So, last night I got around to ordering my wedding dress. I won't put up a picture since I want it to be a surprise, Ross hasn't seen it either. My future bridesmaids have been very helpful with advice and tips though and I hope it'll turn out the way I'm hoping. Fingers crossed! Excited!!

Eurotests and a trip to Slovenia

So unfortunately no eurotest passes for anyone in our little eurotrip group. Both Sestola and Krvavec had nice conditions but didn't quite ski fast enough, or go through the last gate... Temu was a bullet proof icy course, but that's the thing, you never know what you're going to get. Either way it was a good trip and my eurotest nerves are starting to calm down more and more with every start.

Other interesting parts of the trip included the dolls outside the house in Temu, an Italian lakeside lunch, finding rye flour in a Slovenian supermarket, google translating Italian and Slovenian to make ourselves understood, the drive up to Krvavec ski resort (we now know why people park down the bottom), trying out a one man chair and losing a boot buckle on race day! More training is definitely needed for the next test wherever that may be. Big thanks to Charlie for driving us all around for the week and getting us home safe last night.


Yesterday we started our eurotest adventure roadtrip and made it to Sestola in the early evening thanks to Miss Charlie. After some google translating and hand gestures we understood our airbnb host and got set up in the apartment we're staying in.
Very few people here speaks English so we're picking up a few words here and there and making it work.
Today was training day and we had a couple of runs on the stade. I also had a huge crash as my ski came off in a rut in the banana, but better today than tomorrow!
Lunch was had up the mountain with foccacia and gelato before heading down for ski prep.