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Low Poly

So since the ski season is coming to an end I've had some other projects going on and in one of them I experimented a bit with low poly vectorized images. It ended up not getting used in the project but it's quite good fun for other stuff so I decided to practice on some other images. Original images found on morguefile and the lowpoly plug in is called DMesh. More practice is needed to make them really good but it's a nice start and always fun to learn new things!

A week with friends

Josefine and Mikael came out to spend a week with us and we kept quite busy. Lots of skiing, fun and adventures. I was working quite a bit as well but we got some turns in together as well as après and a nightly snowshoe walk up to the top of Paquis.

Season is coming to an end

The winter season is now starting to wind down and we've enjoyed both brillant sunshine as well as getting some new snow up top. We had an end of season party with the ski school this week and there won't be a lot more work now until the end. It's encouraging to keep going though when you hear nice things like this (from TripAdvisor)

Getting ready for spring and summer

First marmot spotting today so spring has definitely arrived! In other news I got a very exciting parcel today - my wedding dress!

Blended goodness

So, we bought a blender about a week ago and we've been trying out different kinds of smoothies, milkshakes and ice coffee! Yum! Favorites so far include orange/banana/strawberry juice, vanilla soy coffee frappucino and a kiwi/apple/spinach smoothie.
A failed attempt was carrot/ginger and orange which I think needs to be modified slightly so that the texture gets smoother.
More experimenting to follow!

Windy Easter holidays

So this week has been a strange one! It started off with 3 days when we weren't allowed up the mountain with the kids lessons. Above 80km/h winds up top. And it wasn't far off down in the village either - the rogoney chair derailed one afternoon when I was on it! Felt like we were going sideways up first and then luckily I was further up and next to a pylon when the cable came off! We were stuck for about 30mins after and then they ran it really slowly to get us all off the lift! No one injured or otherwise so all ended well but a bit scary!
Now we've got one more week of Easter holidays left and then things will quiet done fairly quickly for the end of the season.