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Back in Sweden

So I've been back for a little more than a week now and it's been quite busy,  I've been in Torekov, Falköping and Stockholm so far. This week should be a bit quieter but then next week when Ross is here will be filled with meetings and other stuff to sort out for the wedding, but it's all starting to come together at least. Most of it is enjoyable and not too stressful though, plan is to keep it that way and get it almost all done before leaving for France.

Even warmer

Feels like proper summer today! Even warmer than yesterday, shorts and t-shirt was more than enough. About time my now very pale legs got out too! I think a barbecue is definitely on the cards this week if the weather stays like this.


Spent the day sorting out stuff and finally clearing the balcony, all the old wood and metal scraps from our pre season renovation are now gone! Which meant I could enjoy a nice afternoon out in the sun. Last official day of the season here today and it's definitely spring now. Thermometer showing 25 degrees in the sun at 6pm/18.00.

End of season

My lift pass runs out tomorrow so I think I can officially say it's the end of the season. (even though Tignes is open for another week). Ross and I went skiing together in the very slushy conditions and the best was probably the last bit of the OK orange coming down into La Daille as it wasn't just bumps! Skiing with Ross today and the fresh (and first) tracks I got the other day has been brilliant and shows why it's always worth sticking around until the very end!