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Back home

So we got back to Tignes Monday night after a long day of driving in rain. Had a couple of days to get unpacked and sorted yesterday and feels like we're ready to take on the summer season!Great couple of days in the UK last week too. Visiting friends and family and I sort of got a second hen do together with Anna, Alice and Anita at Malvern Spa. We also found Ross' suit for the wedding after a long afternoon in Birmingham city centre and went to the think-tank. So busy but fun! 

More Stockholm pics

Sanna posted another of couple of photos on Saturday that I thought I'd share.

Möhippa/hen do

I went up to Stockholm on Friday afternoon so that I'd be all ready to go on Saturday morning and we started off with me sabering a bottle of bubbly as is the new guest tradition at Jossan and Micke's apartment. Exciting and perfectly appropriate way of starting off my visit!
We made our way into center town on Saturday morning and we were greeted by Astrid and Frida in a park where they'd set up a champagne breakfast for us. Cheese, strawberries, bubbly and a lot more! Amazing way to start off the day!
After which we walked over to Gröna Lund and met up with Emma, Sanna and Sofia. At Gröna Lund we had a pentathlon in tivoli games (it was actually a heptathlon) where I did terribly but it was all fun. Sofia even beat 2 records of the day! And won prices like cuddly bears and pink ducks that I was then given. We went on a couple of rides and enjoyed some food and drinks in the sun! Really lucky with the weather but that meant that a few of us wore sandals for the first t…

Wedding planning

Ross was here last week and we had quite a few things to do as we needed to finish lots of things "on site" for the wedding, meetings with priest and cantor, testing food and wine, getting the official paperwork in, ordering rings etc. Think we've covered it all now and the rest can be done when we're back in Tignes. It's been quite good this way though, having a few intensive periods of planning to get the majority of stuff done and then sorting little things out in between. Makes it less stressful. Finger's crossed we haven't forgotten anything!

I've got just about another week in Sweden and looking forward to my hen do in Stockholm. I've got no idea of what's going to happen so it'll be a surprise!