Möhippa/hen do

I went up to Stockholm on Friday afternoon so that I'd be all ready to go on Saturday morning and we started off with me sabering a bottle of bubbly as is the new guest tradition at Jossan and Micke's apartment. Exciting and perfectly appropriate way of starting off my visit!

We made our way into center town on Saturday morning and we were greeted by Astrid and Frida in a park where they'd set up a champagne breakfast for us. Cheese, strawberries, bubbly and a lot more! Amazing way to start off the day!

After which we walked over to Gröna Lund and met up with Emma, Sanna and Sofia. At Gröna Lund we had a pentathlon in tivoli games (it was actually a heptathlon) where I did terribly but it was all fun. Sofia even beat 2 records of the day! And won prices like cuddly bears and pink ducks that I was then given. We went on a couple of rides and enjoyed some food and drinks in the sun! Really lucky with the weather but that meant that a few of us wore sandals for the first time for a bit too long...

Then we did quite a bit of bar hopping between a couple of hotel bars and pubs. Had a change of outfits in a bathroom and rested our quite sore feet, and we were all set for the evening. At this point Liz joined as well and we had a great meal and more drinks... We managed to keep going until about 2.30 at which point we started making our way back. After waiting quite a bit of the tube and getting soaked in the rain walking back we finally made it into bed for about 4am. At which point it was very bright again... All good fun though! 
(View from my bed at 4am)
Hopefully more pictures to come (I didn't take any during the day) but hoping to get some more from the girls =)


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