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Morning photoshoot

Ended up doing a photoshoot on the glacier yesterday morning. Good fun and great to be up there again. Never had to do my makeup at 3400m before! Glacier is looking like it's in a bad shape though...

Climbing on the Bollin rock

This afternoon was spent climbing and rappelling on the Bollin rock with Ross, Clare and Joel. Some scratches and rain showers didn't take away from a great afternoon.

La Revirette/La Clittaz hike

Day off yesterday so went for a hike, the high temperatures and sun is still hanging on here. Starting to make all of us think when it's going to change and keeping our fingers crossed it doesn't. Gabriele and I drove over to the bottom of the Villaret du Nial and started our walk up. Safe to say the first part was the steepest. But it did also give us some amazing views over the Lac de Chevril and of Tignes. The path was definitely not well used though. Having grass up to our waist, trying to see where the path was going happened on several occasions. Due to a slight navigation error (and too much vegetation) we ended up going all the way up to the parking by the Sassière dam where we had to share the path with an ibex and then a  group of cows. We could then walk down the road a bit to rejoin the path further down. Made the hike about  9km instead of 6km but it was all good. Great way to spend an afternoon!

Kitchen door handles

Finally got the kitchen door handles on! Ross surprised me and had done it all when I was at work :)

Summer, heatwave and planning

We've had a heatwave here in Tignes that lasted until yesterday, like almost all of Europe I think. We've had 26 degrees inside at work with all windows and doors open. At least it's cooler up here than down the valley where temperatures are way into the 30s.. Hoping the sun will keep shining though!

Since I started work we've been really busy and weeks and days sort of just blur into one another. We've had some nice barbecues already though which is a big change from last summer, and even though there's a bit left to do in terms of wedding planning (and Ross and I only have 7 days off together before the big day) it's still feels like I've got more free time compared to last year's constant building work.

Wedding planning is coming along, trying to do little pieces here and there to make sure that we don't end up with lots of stuff in the end. Ordering stuff, designing the paper goods needed and official papers finished. Feels like it's mos…