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Crunch time

This last week has been really intense and any free time is spent planning last minute stuff.. At least Wednesday morning I had time to go for a quick hike to get some time outside and away from Excel sheets, emails and computer screens in general. Last week at work starting today! On Sunday we go to Geneva and then we fly on back on Monday.

Last bits and pieces

Getting the last bits and pieces sorted for the wedding. Today I received the vinyl that has the song for our first dance since we'll be having DJ Lindo doing the music for the reception. I can obviously not reveal what it is but looking forward to it! Not long left now!

Fête de la montagne

Today's the fête de la montagne or the fête de vache. (the cow party) when they bring lots of animals straight into town, market stands and new this year, ziplining for kids off of the Nevada. I wish they'd let adults do it!

Italian Sunday

So we'd sort of been planning to go to Italy one Sunday for a couple of weeks and yesterday we actually did. After I got home from work we quickly got our stuff together and started heading over the Col. We went for lunch at Lo Tata. Proper 3 course Italian lunch and then a hike up to the waterfalls. After which we headed over to Pre Saint Didier for an evening at the Spa. We finished with gelato on the way back.
Think we all agreed that the evening pass at the Spa was quite overpriced compared to the full day one so won't be doing that again. But all in all a good day out though!