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Bread maker foccacia

I made this the other day and it was too good not to share:
Bread machine Foccacia with sundried tomatoes and rosemary, recipe comes from
I did however modify it slightly, here's my version:

1 cup of water
2 tablespoons of powdered milk
3,5 tablespoons of sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
3 tablespoons of margarine
3 cups of white flour
2 tablespoons of yeast (for breadmaker)
1/2 cup of chopped sun-dried tomatoes (the dry kind)
2 tablespoons of olive oil
dried rosemary

Mix water, powdered milk, sugar, salt, butter, flour, tomatoes and yeast into machine (this is the order our machine likes it) I also added some rosemary here to have it baked into the bread.
Set to dough programme (10) which takes 1,5h.
Once programme is finish, knead it by hand and place in an oiled bowl, turn a couple of times to make sure it's coated. Cover with baking towel and leave to rise for 15mins in a fairly warm place.
Place a silicon mat on baking tray and dust with flour. Roll out…

Last day in Bali - salt making and Jimbaran beach.

We spent our last morning at the hotel enjoying breakfast and then getting a massage before having to pack up our last bits and pieces at noon when it was time to check out. We got picked up by I Wayan, our driver and we had a couple of stops on our way to Denpasar and the airport. First stop was a natural salt maker. It was really interesting to see the process and how much work goes into it, and of course we bought some salt as well. After that we drove through Denpasar and out to Jimbaran beach where we enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner on the beach and just hung around until sunset. The restaurant we ate at required us to choose our own fish and to be honest it wasn't the best meal we'd had but at least the setting made up for it.

After sunset we drove to the airport and had what was probably the longest airport experience we've ever had. It took us about 3hours to go through check in, security, immigration and to walk to our gate. So we sort of just made it there for …

Gili T

So we decided we wanted a night out and booked ourselves a stay at M'adison gili on Gili Trawangan. We took the gilicat boat out there and it really looks like a little paradise island. There are no cars or dogs on the island which was a nice change, however there were cats and horses! You still had to look out, or rather keep an ear out for what sounded like Santa's sledge but which were the little horse drawn carriages known as cidomos. We checked in at our hotel and then headed out with the intent of finding somewhere to swim as we were now finally presented with white sand beaches and turquoise waters. We did however end up walking around the whole island. Which isn't very big, but we got warm and once we'd finally decided to go swimming, we took 2 steps in and then had to basically try to float on the water due to all the old corals. I think some kind of swim shoes would've been the appropriate foot wear!

We went to Warung Warna for dinner where we had thin …

More water related excursions

We also booked ourselves into a submarine tour because Ross loves submarines and we figured we weren't going to go diving. Think we got lucky sitting in front of the submarine though!
In the afternoon we then visited the water palace, the water temple and finally the chocolate factory, which had shut but we convinced one of the guys there to get us some chocolate anyway. 

We finished the day with dinner at the crazy kangaroo. Food was ok quite good but the best bit was the fire dance they put on whilst we were eating. 

Balinese cooking

We booked ourselves in for a cooking class with the chef at the hotel as this was some of the best food we'd had so far. Our day started with a visit to a big balinese market. The size of it was incredible, although I couldn't make myself go in to the bit with the live animals. Walking through the meat and fish bit was enough given I had a slight bali belly at the time.
So many colours, smells and impressions, although it turns out our ingredients had already been sourced locally for the food, so Ross ended up just buying a couple of sweet things to try.

As it turns out, Balinese cooking involves a lot of grounding and prep work but once that's done, it's fairly quick. We got to cook about 5 different dishes and most of them were using our Bumbu bali paste which has about 10 ingredients all chopped and then mashed together on a big volcanic stone grinding dish. Ross then later found one in the hotel shop and decided we should have one. My guess is it weighs a couple of…


We got up early after our first night in Manggis to go snorkeling. The hotel boat took us out to the Blue Lagoon. lt took me a bit of time to become friends with the snorkel but once I did, we had a great time. We saw lots of fish and even a reef shark.


Manggis proved to be quite different to Ubud and is sort of more of what you picture when you think Bali, beaches, turquoise water, palm trees. The hotel staff were again amazing and we felt so welcome! We got a chocolate cake and flowers on the bed, in addition to getting a free dinner and a spa treatment to enjoy during the week. We decided on using the free dinner that same day, and it was the best food we'd had so far by a mile. Properly spicy and delicious! We rounded the evening off with sitting outside reading the wedding guest book, It was lovely to read all the messages from all our friends and family. 

  And this is how we decided to thank the staff for their lovely gestures!

Last days in Ubud

The last days in Ubud were quite relaxed. We enjoyed the hotel pool and afternoon tea but we also did walk a lot around town and did a bit of shopping, which ended up being a good call because Candidasa and Manggis had significantly less shops.
We also ended up having one of the best dinners so far, at Three Monkeys where we ended up after trying another restaurant that could only offer me spaghetti carbonara as a nut free meal. Either way, it ended up being a great evening and meal! A good way to end the Ubud part of the trip.

Monkey forest sanctuary

This was one of my must-see places for the trip as I love monkeys. We got told beforehand to not bring food or bags or anything that the monkeys would like. And that was good advice, the monkeys were really cheeky and jumped on people to get water bottles or bananas. We quite happily observed. You still get really close up to the monkeys and they are everywhere in the park!

Adrenaline for breakfast, visiting coffee plantations and rice fields, all before 9.30.

Adrenaline for breakfast was the name of the activity we'd chosen for the Monday morning. It meant a very early morning start, a drop off at the top of Kintamani and a long bike down. It was a nice way to see the towns down along the way but the suspension on the bikes made the ride down a bit shakey! At the end we got to visit a coffee plantation where the make Luwak kopi (luwak coffee). A type of coffee where a weasel like animal eats the cherries with the coffee beans, poops them out and then they are roasted and supposedly make really good coffee. We got to try all kinds of different coffees and teas and the favorites where ginseng coffee and lemon tea. Even Ross liked them which says a lot. On the way back to the hotel for breakfast we also got to see the Tengallalang rice fields which were really impressive. I can't believe how green this island is during what's supposed to be the dry season!

Taro Elephant Park

We visited the Taro Elephant Park, founded by an animal rights activist where they created a park for old Sumatran work elephants. We could get really close up to the elephants and got to go on a short ride on one of them.

The same day we also tried out the Infinity pool at the hotel, and got an actual drink in a coconut! In the evening we went into Ubud where we ate at Café des Artistes and I had a great stir fry with beef, bean sprouts and cucumber. Yum! We then got gelato and tried some interesting flavors like dragonfruit cinnamon and charcoal! 

Arriving in Bali

We travelled by train from Falköping and down to Copenhagen where we caught out first flight to Doha and then the second one to Denpasar. But we got to sit by the exit row so we got quite a bit of space at least. This was then followed by a taxi to Ubud. Safe to say this is the longest trip I've ever done. We travelled for about 30h I think! Waking up at the hotel the next morning was great and we were greeted by name (!) by staff we hadn't even meet yet. So, we felt very very welcome. And breakfast was amazing. You were advised to order a couple of different dishes in addition to fresh juices, tea, smoothies, jamu, coffee, chocolate and lots more!
Our first day we spent just relaxing and trying to get over the jetlag and started planning our week in Ubud.

Honeymooning in Bali

It's just as amazing as it sounds so updates will have to wait til after we're back!

A Swedish Wedding

So this is it, the wedding blog post about our big day! Can't believe it's actually over. The fact that we're heading to Bali in 2 days feel surreal since it sort of feels like the wedding is over now. And we managed to reach 237% of our target for the wateraid wedding fundraiser, so thank you to eveyone that contributed! 
But back to Saturday. We had quite a detailed plan for the day with all  the timings which we tried to follow, these things require planning! I had the girls come over after breakfast and help me get ready which was really nice, despite the inhalation of quite a bit of hairspray! But with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue we got there in the end, and I still looked like me, which was the goal! We we're then off to take pictures with Anna-Klara. We did a couple of different locations which was good and we were so happy with the pictures we got to see already then. Can't wait to see the rest of them. If you ever n…