A Swedish Wedding

So this is it, the wedding blog post about our big day! Can't believe it's actually over. The fact that we're heading to Bali in 2 days feel surreal since it sort of feels like the wedding is over now. And we managed to reach 237% of our target for the wateraid wedding fundraiser, so thank you to eveyone that contributed! 

But back to Saturday. We had quite a detailed plan for the day with all  the timings which we tried to follow, these things require planning! I had the girls come over after breakfast and help me get ready which was really nice, despite the inhalation of quite a bit of hairspray! But with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue we got there in the end, and I still looked like me, which was the goal!
We we're then off to take pictures with Anna-Klara. We did a couple of different locations which was good and we were so happy with the pictures we got to see already then. Can't wait to see the rest of them. If you ever need a good photographer - my sister-in-law is the one to ask! (Website)

After that we had a quick lunch and we were off to the church. The ceremony was really touching and in both English and Swedish. The Gopro cams caught quite a bit of it since we had one in the bouquet, on on the piano and one in the back up high next to the organ. So looking forward to some pretty cool footage once we've got time to go through it all. Jamie played a cover for us of Still into you which was amazing! (pics from Neta's blog) and Sanna played the clarinet accompanying all the hymns.


After which we made it up to Kurorten for welcome drinks on the terrace, dinner with speeches, wedding games and really really good food. This was followed by some pretty amazing outdoor picture involving sparklers. I'm so happy we decided to do them, (and that my mother still had the christmas sparklers in a drawer) Again, all credit goes to Anna-Klara, with some sparkler-help from Richard and Dean =)
The party then continued with our first dance, we were pretty nervous about the backflip but managed to pull it off (a video will follow) and got the party going until late in the night! 

So much fun, such a memorable day and we feel so happy to have had so many people share it with us. We'll never forget it! 


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