Adrenaline for breakfast, visiting coffee plantations and rice fields, all before 9.30.

Adrenaline for breakfast was the name of the activity we'd chosen for the Monday morning. It meant a very early morning start, a drop off at the top of Kintamani and a long bike down. It was a nice way to see the towns down along the way but the suspension on the bikes made the ride down a bit shakey! At the end we got to visit a coffee plantation where the make Luwak kopi (luwak coffee). A type of coffee where a weasel like animal eats the cherries with the coffee beans, poops them out and then they are roasted and supposedly make really good coffee. We got to try all kinds of different coffees and teas and the favorites where ginseng coffee and lemon tea. Even Ross liked them which says a lot. On the way back to the hotel for breakfast we also got to see the Tengallalang rice fields which were really impressive. I can't believe how green this island is during what's supposed to be the dry season!


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