Balinese cooking

We booked ourselves in for a cooking class with the chef at the hotel as this was some of the best food we'd had so far. Our day started with a visit to a big balinese market. The size of it was incredible, although I couldn't make myself go in to the bit with the live animals. Walking through the meat and fish bit was enough given I had a slight bali belly at the time.
So many colours, smells and impressions, although it turns out our ingredients had already been sourced locally for the food, so Ross ended up just buying a couple of sweet things to try.

As it turns out, Balinese cooking involves a lot of grounding and prep work but once that's done, it's fairly quick. We got to cook about 5 different dishes and most of them were using our Bumbu bali paste which has about 10 ingredients all chopped and then mashed together on a big volcanic stone grinding dish. Ross then later found one in the hotel shop and decided we should have one. My guess is it weighs a couple of kilos at least, but given Qatar airways liberal baggage allowance we didn't have to worry about it. Now the challenge is going to be finding some of the more exotic ingredients that are on the recipes we got to take with us!

After the cooking class we obviously had to try all our dishes which made for a huge lunch which we did our best to try it all.


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