Gili T

So we decided we wanted a night out and booked ourselves a stay at M'adison gili on Gili Trawangan. We took the gilicat boat out there and it really looks like a little paradise island. There are no cars or dogs on the island which was a nice change, however there were cats and horses! You still had to look out, or rather keep an ear out for what sounded like Santa's sledge but which were the little horse drawn carriages known as cidomos.
We checked in at our hotel and then headed out with the intent of finding somewhere to swim as we were now finally presented with white sand beaches and turquoise waters. We did however end up walking around the whole island. Which isn't very big, but we got warm and once we'd finally decided to go swimming, we took 2 steps in and then had to basically try to float on the water due to all the old corals. I think some kind of swim shoes would've been the appropriate foot wear!

We went to Warung Warna for dinner where we had thin crusted pizza on an old bed on the beach, listening to the waves coming in, and to the cover band playing old U2 and Coldplay classics. 
The trip back on the boat the next day was slightly more dramatic because the engine failed as we were coming back to Bali, but we all made it back without getting wet and had yet another amazing meal at the Seasalt restaurant at our hotel. 


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