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First ski

Very unplanned but since Ross and I got the day off together today we decided to go skiing with a couple of friends. Great snow, sunnt weather and surprisingly no lift queues. Hope the rest of the season continues in the same way.

Winter is almost here!

Quite a bit of snowing this week and getting colder. Only a couple of months left now til proper winter..
In the meantime, first proper snow selfie
And it would seem the pics from the photoshoot I did this summer with Hannah has been published. A friend posted this yesterday! 

Weekend in Cham

We went to Chamonix last weekend to go visit Clare. We left Saturday morning and stopped in Annecy on the way over to see the High Five Festival, which was great apart from the long search for a parking spot!

After arriving in Cham we went to the Moö bar for cocktails - they were delicious! My new favorite drink is now a Moö sour! This was followed by a great dinner at Munchie, really yummy food. I'd probably class it as Asian fusion. Turns out both these places were Swedish and Ross even got some practice in. We ended the evening with some more drinks in Munster and watched the end of the rugby.

On Sunday morning we picked up some food at the bakery and then headed up to La Tour for a hike up to the glacier. Surprisingly good weather made for a great hike with lunch up top. We had amazing views of the Mt Blanc and Cham. The only downside was the crows circling just above our heads as we picknicked.

Before leaving Cham we got a quick ice cream, speculoos flavor for me, and walked …