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So after the ski show it was back to Tignes for some more training and a short trip to Italy where I was supposed to do a eurotest but got sick instead.
Now back in Tignes for more training, although we've had a few snow days over the past week when the glacier's been shut. Late start today but fingers crossed it's still going to open! Also, the photoshoot I did with Propaganda for Oxygène has come out. Got this pic off of facebook so quality isn't great but it gives you an idea! Ski instructors make the best action figures :-)

Bonfire night and fireworks

Out with the Tee's for bonfire night and fireworks tonight followed by Thai food and the cardboard box game. There aren't many better ways to spend an evening!

Ski show

So lots of stuff going on lately since I ended up working two weeks more than planned, started training right away, did a photoshoot for the ski school and now spending 4 days in London for the ski show with Gabriele and Poleplant. Obviously this also happens to coincide with my English exams... London has so far been quite rainy and the first day of the ski show was fairly quiet. We're expecting it to pick up a bit for the weekend though. Another plus of visiting London is to see the Tee's, who have been amazing sorting me out with lift from the airport,  a place to stay and lots more!