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So in a surprising turn of events Ross and I both got some time off during Christmas. We started with Swedish Christmas dinner on the 24th which was followed by having Christmas day off together. So we made the most of it by enjoying a sleep in, going out for a ski together, having lunch at Brasero's and finally enjoying some more Christmas treats and another Christmas dinner in the evening!

Season start

So, not been many updates on the blog lately. I've just been really busy and not really done anything much apart from training and then straight back into work up til now.  I supposed I even missed writing about all the birthday celebrations Ross sorted out for me which was brilliant. A new standard has been set for future birthdays! 

This weekend we've had the Tees visit and it's been great to have a catch up and a quick ski together! 
After a first few weeks of struggling a bit in training I got my head in a good place, got some new kit; skis and mittens with padding and started skiing much better. I wasn't signed up for the Eurotest in Alpe d'Huez that got cancelled but am booked in for a test in Italy in January and looking forward to having a first go at it for this season. 
I started work last week and it's been a good first week, snow is a bit thin in places but most of the Espace Killy is open so can't really complain. Got another two weeks now of w…