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So, this wasn't a post I had ever imagined I would write - I got acupuncture today at physiotherapy for my knee. Note to self - next time someone asks if you're afraid of needles, you say yes. The needles made me feel really weird, not sure if it was the effect of them or putting them on but I felt a bit faint and nauseous so had to lie down. At first it was quite fascinating to look at them sticking out, but definitely didn't enjoy the feeling after. Safe to say, I was happy when they came out and I don't think I'll try that again.

Slow week

So this week has passed by very slowly. I've had 2 physio appointments so far and another one scheduled in for tomorrow. I've managed to progress to one crutched walk instead of two which is good but still quite a bit to go. Managed to bake some buns for th swedish treats, 'semlor' yesterday and had the first one! Yum! If anyone has tips on getting "stiffer" whipped cream up at altitude, please send them on! In other news I'm not the most recently injured person in the house anymore. Ross managed to get a deep cut in his elbow when he was out snowboarding yesterday and had to get stitches.

La Plagne

I spend Thursday and Friday in La Plagne doing GS training. It was great to ski on a longer stade and get a proper GS course set rather than just a few gates. Unfortunately I ended up twisting my knee on the Friday and got taken off the mountain for a check-up at the medical centre. Initial diagnosis is a stretched out lateral ligament and possible meniscus tear. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that my physio will give a better prognosis and that I'll be back skiing in not too long.

Best day of the season so far

Yesterday was the best day of the season so far. Great snow and great company is a combination that's hard to beat! Hoping for more days like this.

Strawberry chameleon

I think the title says it all. Some quick photoshopping to get back into it and practice some old and new techniques. Good enough to fool the eye for a second?


So, we started 2016 with celebrations on the snow. Unfortundately due to a very late dinner we didn't make it down to Le Lac but we still got to see the celebrations from up here in Val Claret.

The first/last week of the year was very busy with lots and lots of work but have some time off now to focus on getting back into race training and getting focused for the Eurotest that's this month. It has however coincided with a lot of snow coming down so it's more rut/powder skiing in gates than focusing on technique at the moment. 
In other more creative news I've been working a bit with photos and editing a bit lately which has been fun. It's hard to sit down and do it when you're busy but so much fun when you actually do.