Maybe this should be my standard outfit for skiing!

Feeling a bit fed up with being injured today and would really love to be out skiing in the sunshine instead. Trying my best to stay positive though and at least my physio has said that I'll be biking by the end of this week - which I interpret as one step closer to getting back on skis. I know that two injuries are never the same but the last time I partially busted my lateral ligament and meniscus (same ones) in 2009 I got to try skiing again after three weeks. I'm currently at 1,5 so keeping my fingers crossed that I'm on about the same schedule this time. Trying to not get my hopes up though in case I'm not. In the meantime I've created this composition in photoshop. I'm thinking storm trooper gear, albeit a bit much, would make excellent protective racing gear. What do you think?


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