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Photo shoot

Spent the past two days doing a photo shoot for the ski school with Rémi taking photos of a few of us instructors. It's been good fun and the piste conditions have been amazing in the mornings - I really didn't think I'd be out on my race skis end of April! Espace Killy closes this weekend so next week I'll have to get the touring skis out to enjoy the snow but that could be really good as well. It's snowing at the moment so winter isn't going anywhere at the moment.


Amazing day out skiing yesterday! Started out with some piste stuff by myself and then joined Gabriele and Rupert for some more proper off piste after. The telephone and the tongue of the glacier both offered some amazing snow and face shots!

Day off

I wasn't too keen to go out skiing this morning as it looked quite wet and snowy but I'm glad I did. We went out fairly late but still got some good snow, a little bit of new snow came overnight and we could get some first tracks in on the sides of the pistes. Nothing crazy of course as there was only about 5-10cm on top of the old layer but still good fun. Ross went out on his snowboard and as you can see in the pics I had to either give up my poles on the flats or pull him along - really sticky snow in some places. I tried my new touring skis just to see how they behave skiing down and am really happy with them. Hopefully I can get some time in over the next couple of weeks going uphill as well. I have most likely finished work for the season, apart from if there is some random lesson coming in so looking forward to having some more me time skiing.

New lamp

We received this lamp in the post today which Phil had ordered for us! It's a really neat flat design but when you light it up it looks like a 3D lamp cover!

Coffee label logo

Got another winning logo in recently for a Dutch Coffee Label called Voro.
Here's the result!

New Toys

Got my hand on these second hand skis this week! Found them on the boncoin which is a big French website with private ads selling just about anything. I've been on the look out for a while for a ski that is about 100mm waisted, 170-175cm long and with a touring binding and finally found one. Conveniently the skis were not too far away and Ross could pick them up from their previous owner in La Plagne for me. I've also ordered a set of new skins so soon I'll be all set to start touring. Ross had his first try on his splitboard the other week too. Hopefully the season will get a bit quieter now and we can go out together soon!