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I left Tignes for Sweden on Thursday to go to Stockholm for a few days and see Astrid and the Eurovision Song Contest. We had tickets to the second semi final on Thursday as well as tickets to Eurovision The Party on the Saturday. It was all great fun and we dressed up in our matching sparkly dresses for the occasion. A surprising results to the contest but we did enjoy all the singing and dancing.

Stockholm also offered some great food, weather and shopping. And I got to see Josefine as well which was a bonus!

Last day of the season

Ross and I always like to ski the last day of the season if we can and since we both had Val d'Isère passes this year we decided to go ski touring instead. So we hiked up from Val Claret to the top of Fresse before getting our last turns in.

Exam week

Finally doing the exam for the American Literary History Class this week and its been quite intense so far. A bit of computer problems made yesterday morning quite stressful to say the least. But at least that first time sensitive part of the exam is done now. Only got the second part with essay questions to finish now but I've got a couple of days for that so its ok.

Only one week left now in France as well before some interseason holidays start with a visit to Sweden and Eurovision Song Contest followed by some time in the UK before we're back here for the summer.