Catch-up post nr 2: Tignes and lots of cooking

Got back to Tignes a week ago now and it's been good to be back. Some quite cold and snowy weather seems to now have given away to summer warmth and sun. Fingers crossed it'll last.

Since we got back I've done quite a bit of new cooking; I've used the slow cooker we got from Ross grandmother Beryl twice now- spicy rabbit stew the other day and tonight's meal - pulled pork. I've also used one of the Simply Cook boxes that Ross' sister Anna ordered for us - a dish called Nyonya - and it was really good! So I've now got really high hopes for the other dishes.

There's also been a lot of baking including normal bread and this recipe for carrot cake which was great. I halved the cake recipe though and only used 1/4 for the frosting. But here is a link

Unfortunately with all this yummy cooking I still don't have a photo of  any of it. It all went down too quickly ;)


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