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Couloir/Brasero golf cup

Played another competition on Sunday, this time in Tignes and with a partner. It was a two person scramble so I teamed up with Neil. Ross helped out with refreshments by the 10th green.
We didn't play our first 9 holes very well but the second 9 were ok and all in all we ended up in 10th place. There was also a longest drive competition on the 8th hole which I did win (in the women's category) so that was fun! Luckily we escaped the rain as well, finishing just half an hour before it started pouring down!

Courchevel golf competiton

Today was the second competition of the golf Lac et montagne séries. It looked like it was going to be a really wet day when we left Tignes at 7am but from when we arrived in Courchevel there wasn't a drop of rain. The course in Courchevel consists of 9 par 3 holes so it was all about the short game and putts. I played alright and got to play at handicap 36 again and ended up getting 51 points net and which was the best result of the day.
The rest of the Tignes team also played well and we placed second taking us up to third place overall.

Stand up paddle, bbq and electric car festival

Lots of stuff happened this weekend, we still had our activity cards so we did try some things on the lake like the stand up paddle and the canoe.

The electric car festival in Val was good fun as well we got to try out segways and test drive an electric hybrid car. 

Bruises and cuts in photoshop

Brushing up on some photoshopping skills by creating a mockup campaign for bootfitting. The photos reprent how my race boots did feel before they were fitted and after.

Next project is in the works as well! Wacom board is getting a lot of use at the moment.

Taking advantage of Tignes

Last weekend we took advantage of some of the activities that Tignes has to offer and we had a go at archery, table tennis, soft air gun, mini-golf and tennis. Hoping to do some more stuff this weekend.
Ross was by far the best in the archery but I did win the soft air gun and mini-golf.
Soft air gun
 Ross result My result

Col d'Iseran

Yesterday it was the "un jour, un col" (one day - one col) meaning the col d'Iseran was closed for cars for the whole morning. This gives cyclists a chance to ride the col without the stress of watching out for cars. Ross and I decided the day before that we'd give it a go, but on electric bicycles, given that we don't really do any roadbiking. It was great fun and we didn't even use the top turbo mode but had quite a good cycle up using the lower assistance levels. It's quite impressive though that you can get up to around 45km/h going uphill if you want to! On the top there was a few snacks and drinks and afterwards we went down to Rize for a bbq in the sun.


I've joined the golf club here this summer and I'm really enjoying it. It's been a while since I played properly last but it's still good fun and the muscle memory is there! Just got to work on my woods as I've got a slight tendency to slice the shots.