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zipline Lago Maggiore


Lake Maggiore

Ross and I arrived at Hotel Simplon in Bevano on the Sunday night and were pleasantly surprised we'd gotten an upgrade to a superior suite with lakeview. 

In the evening we ventured out to find a restaurant and ended up at a place called Sopra Sotto. The food was amazing, service a bit slow but we didn't really mind. Turns out afterwards we did get quite a few mosquito bites though - especially Ross, but we didn't let that stop us.

The Monday was our anniversary and so we had planned a few activities that we reckoned would be good fun and we weren't wrong. We started by driving up to Mottarone and an activity called Alpyland. Basically it's a rollercoaster summer bob that goes from the top of the mountain. We did it twice as we thought we could let go of the breaks a bit more for the second round!

This was followed by lunch in a town called Feriolo. We ended up eating at the second restaurant we sat down at as the first one turned out to have neither pizza, nor our…

Lake Como

After landing back in France we started driving to Italy and Lake Como straight away. The trip was not without it's troubles as we had issues with a valve after adjusting the tyre pressure and hit a massive old tyre from a truck on the highway. Luckily nothing serious came of it.
We were very happy to arrive in Acquaseria on lake Como at Dave and Daniel's and get some pasta and a glass of chianti to go with before settling in for the night.

Saturday was spent going on a boat for a couple of hours on the lake and having a picnic for lunch. I think we all enjoyed getting some wind from the speed as it was as the Italians say Scorchio! The evening was spent relaxing with dinner on the balcony.

On the Sunday we did have a morning swim, first in the lake and then in the pool. This was followed by a nice lunch at a lakeside restaurant in Menaggio before Ross and I headed off towards Lake Maggiore.

Last couple of days in the UK

The last couple of days we had in the UK were spent in Stourbridge and Birmingham. Ross passed all his electrician's exams which was great of course and we went out to see some friends in the evenings, seeing Mark and Kat at the Plough in Harborne and then the full quadpod and wags at the Botanist. Both evenings meant good food and great company.
We also visited the jewellery quarter in Birmingham and went to the Jewellery quarter museum which was really interesting.


After Edinburgh we drove through Newcastle and down to Beverly where we were meeting up with the rest of the Creed family. We'd rented out an entire youth hostel located in an old friary. On Saturday we drove out to Hull where we visited the aquarium. I think most of us agreed it wasn't an amazing experience but it still made for a nice day out and it was followed by lunch at a little café called Thieving Harry where we had some really good food. 

On the Sunday we went to Bridlington North Beach and a couple of us actually went for a swim which was good fun. Lunch was fish and chips at the beach. 

The evenings were also filled with entertainment; from treasurehunts, mölkky, name games and a quiz. All in all a great weekend! 
Driving down to Stourbridge we stopped off in York to see the Minster and the Shambles. We also had an amazing lunch at the Source Restaurant. If any of you are visiting York this is highly recommended!!

Edinburgh Fringe

After a few days in Stourbridge and Ross getting some electrical work done we headed up to Edinburgh for a day at the fringe festival. We'd booked an airbnb for 2 nights and had a full day up there which ended up being filled with 5 shows: We're sorry by a Canadian duo of comedians, the acrobatic show Driftwood, Swedish theatre drama Evil (Ondskan), stand up by Michelle Wolf and the Edinborolympics with Mark Watson. John (Ross' cousin) met up with us for a bit and we saw two of the shows together.
It was great to have  a day out together and especially to get to see some shows and theatre which we don't get much of in Tignes!

Richard and Jess' wedding and a quick visit to Wales

We've gone back to the UK for a couple of weeks holiday before september kicks in and this weekend we went to Richard and Jess' wedding in Ledbury which was great fun. Amazing food, giant tic tac toe and croquet on the lawn, some dancing and a quiz were just some of the things we got to enjoy!

On the Sunday we were so close Wales that it seemed a shame to miss out given that I've never been. So we set off with a first stop in Ross-on-Wye (how could we not) and there were obviously a lot of things named Ross.

After which we kept going towards Wales and ended up in Newport where we went for lunch at the Ridgeway Bar and Restaurant. Ross' order got a bit mixed up but the food was really good!

Parco Avventura Mont Blanc

Yesterday we went to the high rope course next to Pré Saint Didier in Italy. After a slightly slow start we got on to the harder courses and had a great day out.

The high ropes were followed by gelato in la Thuile as well as pizza at Chicco's with friends.

Shower gel lizard

Just a small photoshop project I did a couple of weeks ago but never got around to posting.

Harry Potter and the cursed child

I got the latest Harry Potter book in the post yesterday evening and accidentally read it all in less than a couple of hours. To be fair the book is really a play manuscript so not exactly heavy reading but I'd still hoped to drag it out a bit longer. I did really enjoy it though and  it definitely stays true to the spirit of the previous books.

DJ Lindo logo and business cards

I did some work recently for a friend of mine, DJ Lindo, who was also the DJ for our wedding last year. It was a great project to work on and really happy with the results.