After Edinburgh we drove through Newcastle and down to Beverly where we were meeting up with the rest of the Creed family. We'd rented out an entire youth hostel located in an old friary. On Saturday we drove out to Hull where we visited the aquarium. I think most of us agreed it wasn't an amazing experience but it still made for a nice day out and it was followed by lunch at a little café called Thieving Harry where we had some really good food. 

On the Sunday we went to Bridlington North Beach and a couple of us actually went for a swim which was good fun. Lunch was fish and chips at the beach. 

The evenings were also filled with entertainment; from treasurehunts, mölkky, name games and a quiz. All in all a great weekend! 

Driving down to Stourbridge we stopped off in York to see the Minster and the Shambles. We also had an amazing lunch at the Source Restaurant. If any of you are visiting York this is highly recommended!! 


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