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Long time no see

It's been quite a while since the last update but it's been a busy 3 weeks. So after coming back from Italy I've started a new job, had my parents come visit, been house hunting and started the fall semester's course in English at the university. In addition to that there's been some lingonberry making and tiling of the skirting board in the hallway!
All that to say that I've been a bit lazy in updating the blog lately. Hopefully I'll get in to a good rhythm of things soon and can schedule in at least a weekly blog update.

But to at least catch up a little bit on the backlog here's a bit more detail.

My new job is as a junior graphic designer for a marketing/design agency and so far really enjoying it. Lots of different things to do and of couse some new things to learn but it's all going well so far!

My parents decided on a sort of last minute roadtrip/traintrip through Europe and so they came to visit us last weekend. We had quite a lot of catch u…