First tour and ski of the season

So after tons of snow falling last week we decided to do our first tour of the season this weekend. Bowie came up to join us and we set off Saturday morning up piste H to make it up to Paquis and the Tovière. Safe to say, we weren't very quick but the weather was great and we did enjoy the hike up and the occasional stop for water and some 'very bad kids' sweets. We stopped at the top of the steep of piste H before heading down to Le Lac. I had quite a few wobbly turns (the first of the season) and a fall but I also got some great powder turns in between! They'd also used snow cannons in some places so the snow varied between amazing powder and cement crud. All worth it though!
We made it down to the Loop bar for lunch and had  a well deserved chicken burger and coke.
This might be the best start to the season in a long time..


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