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Family dinner and fantastic beasts

Yesterday we got back to Stourbridge and had a yummy meal with Ross' family for Anna's birthday. This was followed by heading out for fantastic beasts and where to find them at the cinema, which both Anna and I have been waiting to see. Next time we'll have to make plans to go to Harry Potter world!

Dean & Helen

This weekend we went back to the UK for Dean and Helen's wedding. We arrived in Tetbury in Friday afternoon after flying into London and getting our hire car. Helen and Dean had organised pizza and drinks at the venue so we could all settle in before the big day!
The Saturday did bring some rain but we had a fantastic day with a lovely ceremony followed by drinks, food, speeches and a lot of dancing. Finally got to see Atif's solo performance to smooth criminal and Ross and I even got a flip in to our song; shut up and dance. Almost a year and half since last time but we still got it! :-)