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So, after several months of paperwork, bank and notaire visits we are now finally the owners of a flat! Signed the last papers yesterday and picked up 16 keys (no not kidding). In the flat we did find yet another 16 keys, and I'm sure there'll be more! We got a few friends around for drinks to celebrate and this weekend the mission is to get it ready into a decent state!
The view is just as good as we remembered it from September!

First ski of 2017

Got out for a bit today but visibility wasn't great and it was quite chilly! Still, good to be out on the planks!

Christmas at home

We went back to Sweden for Christmas this year and it was the first time in 8 years that I was home to celebrate. It was so amazing to see everyone and get to celebrate with all my family, hopefully it won't be that long until next time!