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Ski instructing

Just finished off 2 weeks of instructing with Oxygène in Val over the ski holidays. It was good to be back out on skis and I really couldn't have asked for better weather. It was sunny for all but 1 day. Quite intense first week especially though as it was full days without any breaks.
I did miss normal work as well though so happy to be heading back down to the office next week.


Went to ISPO in Munich with work for a couple of days at the end of last week. We had 2 full days there checking out the latest things in sports brands. I stayed with my cousin and the guys at a hotel nearby. It was great to see my cousin and her family and it also meant we got some inside knowledge on Munich :-).
We did also get a morning exploring the town before we left which was great before getting in the car for about 10h.

Renovation work

We've spent most of our free time lately prepping the apartment so that it can be rented on airbnb. Lots of painting, cleaning and binning of old stuff. But it's now in a decent state, old but clean.
Here are some of the photos.