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Back at the desk and a visit from the Ishaqs

It's been good to be back at work down the valley and get back into some creative work. Last week is was Fettisdagen so I of course had to introduce my colleagues to Semlor, in my opinion way better than pancakes.

And then we've  had some photo shoots in La Rosière for next year's campaign. I unfortunately managed to sprain my thumb quite badly and at the end of the day decided to go to the medical center for a check up. Turns out it was pretty bad and I need to wear a plastic cast (or as I see it - a claw) for 6 weeks or so. Not the easiest as it is my right hand and doing just about anything is now a bit of a challenge. On a positive note I will probably become a lot more ambidextrous over the next few weeks!

The Ishaqs arrived the very same day as my injury and so did the snow. So it made for an interesting start to their skiing but it's been really nice to have friends here and get out on the slope with them. I've been skiing carefully without poles and with Ro…