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A visit from Alice and the Lees

Last week Ross mother, his sister and her family came to visit us in Tignes. We had a great week with some lovely skiing and a visit up to the top of Toviere even for the non-skiers!

Microlight video

Here's a quick video that Gopro helped me put together from our Microlight flight this Sunday.


Ross and I decided yesterday to treat ourselves to a ULM flight (micro light) today. It was great fun, especially going low following the ridges! And I even got to steer it myself for a while. Below's a quick screenshot from the video that will follow!
The flight was then followed by some skiing, lunch at Couloir and a walk around Tignes. Great way to spend a Sunday!

Spring Skiing

There's been quite a bit of skiing over the past couple of weeks as we had a few days shooting in La Rosière and then last week I started my second set of weeks teaching with Oxygène. I've managed to find a way to hook my pole onto my glove as the claw doesn't let me grip anything properly. On the upside it does get to come off in a week's time!