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Finally building

We're making the most of the long weekend this week by putting in lots of hours at the apartment. The first day we managed to finally get everything out (including using a crowbar to pry the original carpet up) which meant that we could finally start the building phase. So metal rails have since then been put up and some insulation have started going in for two of the walls. And the wall got tagged in the process ;-)

Last day of the season and 3rd day of building

Despite the weather not looking great this morning it was quickly agreed that we couldn't not ski on the last day of the season. And, to be honest the sun came out just as we made it up to the panoramic and we had some great runs in really good snow.
After which Ross made us pancakes to get some energy before a couple of hours of building work! The afternoon's task was to knock down a few walls.
Can't wait to get all the old stuff out so that we can actually start building.

First day of building

Or rather of tearing things down. It's amazing how quickly you can get a kitchen and l wall and ceiling cladding down. Atif and Ross were very quick with the crowbars, especially in the bedroom. We also had some people pick up the last bits of furniture so that stuff is going to a new home rather than the bins which is nice!
Here are a few pics from the days work! Ross has also been using the gopro for a  timelapse so hopefully get that up soon too!

And a visit from my parents

Not long after Anna and Co. left it was time for my parents to get picked up at the airport! Lots of skiing, good snow and good food. It was great to be able to have them here now that we had some more space as well and to get some thoughts on our plans for the renovation that is starting this weekend, with some help from Atif!