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Light switches

Some of our light switches arrived yesterday, very exciting to see something that will actually be a part of the finish of the apartment! And of course we didn't settle on just normal light switches either! It's all in the details.

We also had our parents take advantage of a sample sale in Stockholm last week,as they happened to visit on the same day, so we got some light fittings in the same style that we'll pick up when we go back for a quick visit in July.

Building and a quick visit to Italy

So, much like the past couple of weeks all free time has been spent working in the flat. Some more walls structures have come up and we've started pulling the cables. We do need the windows to come soon though as its starting to hold us up a bit. We did also manage to squeeze in a dinner in Italy last week and a walk around the lake today which was very nice! Just to get a little bit of a break too!