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Double birthday

Ross and I traveled to Sweden via Copenhagen this weekend to celebrate my mother's 70th and my grand father's 95th birthdays. Since we travelled into Copenhagen on Thursday evening we met up at Bakken amusement park on Friday to enjoy some rollercoasters before heading to Torekov. We all had a great time and got lucky with the rain only starting just before we were leaving. On the Saturday the whole family met up at Torekovs golf club for drinks and early dinner before spending the evening out in the back garden. You forget for how long it stays light and how early the sun comes up in Sweden in the summer!
The weekend of course also brought this year's first 2 swims in the ocean. We even had to take 2 cars down there in the morning to fit everyone! And then of course lots of playtime with the nephews, games of kubb and skipbo and even a run in the rain. All in all we managed to fit so many things into the weekend and had a great time catching up with everyone. Quite tired …


We got some new metal framing and doors up this weekend. The new rooms are starting to take shape and it's getting easier and easier to visualise the end result.

Halfway there

New windows have been brought up and are in the process of being installed.
Finally looks and feels like things are moving forward again.

New windows

So it's been a while since the last update, mainly because building work has been a bit on hold as we've been waiting for our windows to arrive and because my phone stopped working so had to order a new one. The time in between was probably a good phone detox time as it was too frustrating to even try to use my old phone for anything but a simple message! Anyway, windows finally arrived today and the old ones have been taken out! It's not too hard to spot which one is ours at the moment with the OSB covering the gigantic holes in the wall.