2nd Anniversary

There's not been a proper holiday this year yet because of the building work but we did manage to get away for a night for our anniversary this Tuesday.

We set off early in the morning to make it to the thermal spa in Pré Saint Didier where we spent the whole morning and a good part of the afternoon. Very relaxing which was exactly what we needed.

Then we headed to Courmayeur where we'd booked a hotel for the night, we strolled around town, did a bit of shopping and had gelato. In the evening we managed to both eat a "first" course and a pizza. For those not in the know, a first course comes after the starter and is normally a slightly smaller portion than a main, although very often it is the size of a main dish too! Very much enjoyed the ravioli, diavola pizza and the prosecco.

In the morning it was time to start heading back to France and work but not before enjoying a great hotel buffet breakfast and a stop at a local supermarket for pasta and lemon soda.


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