Covered in insulation dust

It's been very busy over the last couple of weeks working in the flat on both weekends and week nights. So there's been not been much fun to report on. We are getting close to winter so trying to get everything sorted and if we keep a good pace, it should hopefully work out! Insulation is thankfully nearly done, I've finished one of the brick walls and all the plasterboard should be up this week. Fingers crossed we don't run into any more hickups.

But, there was something at least news worthy today - the tour de france stages were revealed at a press conference in Paris and La Rosière and Bourg St Maurice got a stage each! Very exciting for next summer. And as they annonced the la Rosière stage, yours truly got a cameo as one of Propaganda's photos from this winter was used to present the resort. That's me there on the right side waving with my then claw hand in Ross' way too big glove!


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