En route to Sweden

So yesterday ended up being more dramatic than expected. The road closure put in place for storm Eleanor that was supposed to end at 6am in the morning was prolonged and we were given a curfew. No one was allowed out on foot or by car in resort because of the avalanche risk. The advice given was stay to stay inside and don't leave your home. This meant that we couldn't leave for work in the morning and even our departure for Geneva airport seemed in jeopardy. At about midday the curfew was lifted and people were allowed to walk in their part of resort but not further and cars were still not allowed so the anxious wait continued. Finally at 17 the safety commission had a meeting and decided to open the road to Bourg which happened just before 19. We were among the first in the queue of people waiting to leave and we drove down through the rain and made it to Geneva just before midnight. A less than optimal night of sleep followed at the F1 airport hotel but we are now aboard the first flight of the day heading to Zurich where we'll catch the next one to Gothenburg.


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