A lost bag, a bird, a fort, a themepark, a micro nation, two museums and 4 swims in the ocean.

Quick summary in the title of our trip to Sweden. It started out with a lost bag in Copenhagen airport. To top it off we had volunteered to check the cabin bag in and even saw it outside the plane it didn't get loaded on. Crazy, but luckily we got it back a day after. 

We started off with a couple of days in Torekov which meant jogs down to the ocean for a swim in the mornings, bbq in the evenings and seeing family. 

In Falköping we got together with more family and friends as well as visiting museums and the fort in Ålleberg and Karlsborg. We also got to test drive the new Volvo XC40 which was great fun as was our almost daily games of bananagrams in the evenings.

We also got to celebrate all the 4 nephews who had their birthdays end of June in Växjö, Falköping and Sunne. So quite a bit of time spent in the car but all worth it and having really long days helped us make the most of our time. 

The scariest event of the week was the morning I got woken up by a bird grazing my arm. It had gotten in as we had the window open to try to cool down. The whole week was really warm and sunny so we got in the habit of sleeping with it open. Ross managed to get it into another room and then out the window quite quickly. Quite an alarm clock! 

We also squeezed a trip to Liseberg in where we tried the new attractions available. Unfortunately not Valkyria that is still being built, but that'll be next time. 

We also visited Nimis and Arx, two artworks that were (illegaly) built in a natural park and now in what some people call the micro nation of Ladonia.  Quite tricky to get there but interesting to see! 


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