We did manage to get a couple of days in Edinburgh as well this time. We drove up on Sunday and met up with Daniel and Megan in the city. We had a show booked for later that evening but figured we could sneak an extra one in before as well as dinner. The first show we saw was Mr swallow and the vanishing elephant at the Pleasance. It was a quite family friendly show that's most easily described as A magical circus act. We did enjoy it and ym favourite part was the rendition of a duet from the phantom of the opera that the guy performed solo jumping from one side to the other.
After that we got some food and continued on to see The Stevenson experience, a musical comedy with a set of identical Australian twins which was great fun!
We spent the night in Perth before heading back down to Edinburgh the next day to see some more of the festival. We met up with John and carried on to see the Newsrevue at the Udderbelly which we all enjoyed. It was a musical/comedian commentary on recent news events and very well performed.
Probably my favourite show out of the bunch for the spot on Theresa May impression together with the Keep Cup (KC) scene. The second show we saw was The dark room, one of John's all time favourites which was basically a live old style video game where the audience gets to play. All great fun apart from getting splattered with some beans!
The final show of the night that we saw ended up being the Best of Richard Gadd. It was unfortunately also the worst of the bunch, too stiff, loud, unfunny jokes in a venue that was way too warm..
All in all though a good fringe experience though, show performances are always a bit of a mixed bag and Edinburgh remains one of my favourite towns to visit!


Neta said…
Ahhh var ni på Fringe. =) Det är så mycket att se i Edinburgh, och då säkert ännu mer när det är festival. Hoppas allt e bra med er. kram

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